Question: Where Is Aarey Milk Colony?

Who owns aarey colony?

The anti-corruption bureau (ACB) arrested the chief executive officer of Aarey Milk Colony, Nathu Vitthal Rathod, in a bribery case. His aide and staff member has also been arrested while accepting ₹50,000 cash on his behalf.

Is Aarey milk colony safe?

Aarey milk colony is not haunted place in Goregaon. Aarey milk colony in Goregaon. Lots of time travel from that road at night time. I never experienced any bad thing.

When was Aarey milk colony established?

The Aarey Milk Colony, spread over 3,162 acres, was established in 1949 as a centre for processing and marketing milk for Mumbai and adjoining areas.

How do I get to Aarey Colony?

How to reach. Aarey Colony is located on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway between Malad and Goregaon. The place is accessible from Goregaon railway station by auto-rickshaw at a distance of 5kms. Alternatively, you can take 326, 341, 450, 451, 460, 479 buses which pass through Aarey Dairy Milk Colony.

Why aarey forest is cut down?

The court was hearing a PIL filed by green activists after the Bombay high court ruled that “ Aarey is not a forest ” and allowed trees to be cut. The trees were being cleared to make way for a car shed for Mumbai Metro’s phase III.

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Is milk a colony in history?

The forest is a neighborhood situated in Goregaon (East), a suburb of the city of Mumbai, India. It was established in 1949 to revolutionize the processing and marketing of dairy products in the city. Aarey Forest.

Aarey Milk Colony (India) Aarey Colony
Locality Goregaon (East)
Established 1949
Founded by Govt. Of India


Is aarey colony safe at night?

The stretch is generally avoided at night, even by auto and taxi drivers, thanks to stories of people being robbed and apocryphal tales of ghosts trying to hitch rides. The Aarey colony road used to have a toll plaza and entry was restricted after 11.30pm.

Why Mumbai is dangerous?

1. The Vile Parle-Bandra-Kurla stretch, Mumbai, India. Mumbai is a must-visit city when you’re traveling to India. This northern area of the city is infamous for having some of the highest rates of crimes, such as burglary, rape, and even murder.

Which is the dangerous place in Mumbai?

Mahul: Escape from Mumbai’s most dangerous place to live – Times of India.

What is aarey colony issue?

The controversy over felling of trees at Aarey Milk colony began after 29 August 2019, when the BMC’s Tree Authority gave permission to cut trees at the site of the proposed (now scrapped) car shed. A group of activists later approached the Bombay High Court challenging the Tree Authority’s decision.

Is aarey colony open?

Yes, Aarey colony road is closed.

How do I get to aarey colony from Goregaon?

Aarey Colony is situated on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad roadway amid Malad and Goregaon. The place is easily commutable from the Goregaon railway station via auto-rickshaw at a distance of 5km. On the other hand, you can take 326, 341, 450, 451, 460, 479 buses which go through Aarey Dairy Milk Colony.

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Can we go to Vihar Lake?

Entry to Vihar lake is restricted since 1993, and one needs to seek prior permission from the authorities of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

What is aarey Forest case?

The Bombay High Court had on October 4 refused to declare Aarey Colony a forest and declined to quash the Mumbai municipal corporation’s decision to allow felling of over 2,600 trees in the green zone to set up a metro car shed.

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