Readers ask: Animal Which Gives Egg And Milk Both?

Which bird gives egg and milk?

Duck Billed Platypus is the only animal that can give milk as well as eggs. It is a semiaquatic egg -laying mammal endemic to eastern Australia, including Tasmania.

What two animals give us eggs?

Birds and fish are not the only animals that lay eggs. Insects, turtles, lizards, and reptiles lay eggs, too. Only two mammals lay eggs: the platypus and the echidna. All other mammals give birth to live babies.

Who gives milk and egg both riddle?

Platypus is the animal that gives both milk and eggs.

Where is platypus found?

Platypus are found in eastern Australia from the steamy tropics of far north Queensland to the freezing snows of Tasmania. In Queensland, platypus live in rivers east of the Great Dividing Range, and are also found in some western-flowing streams.

Which bird gives birth to babies not eggs?

The peacock is a bird that does not lay eggs.

Do birds drink milk?

Milk. Unlike mammals, birds are largely lactose intolerant and cannot ingest large quantities of milk. 4 Like salt, they can tolerate small quantities, but foods high in milk are poor food choices.

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Which animal gives meat and eggs?

Chicken (hen) gives us both egg and meat. Duck gives us both egg and meat.

What is egg-laying animals called?

Complete answer: The animals that lay eggs are known as oviparous. -Pisces, Amphibia, Reptiles, and aves are oviparous. -Mammals are viviparous where they give birth to young ones but with a few exceptions. The exception includes egg – laying monotremes like the platypus.

Which animal gives us milk?

World milk production is almost entirely derived from cattle, buffaloes, goats, sheep and camels. Other less common milk animals are yaks, horses, reindeers and donkeys.

Which animal gives both egg and milk in India?

The animals that lay eggs are oviparous while Viviparous give birth The duck-billed platypus is the only animal that gives both the milk and eggs. It is a semi-aquatic egg -laying mammal. Thank you.

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Which birds eggs do we eat?

6 types of eggs that you can eat!

  • 01/7Edible eggs that you can ‘t ignore! This one is for all the ‘Eggitarians’ out there, who can relish eggs in all the meals.
  • 02/7Chicken Eggs. Chicken egg is the most common type of eggs that is avaioable in two colours- brown and white.
  • 03/7Duck Eggs.
  • 04/7Turkey Eggs.
  • 05/7Goose Eggs.
  • 06/7Caviar.
  • 07/7Ostrich Eggs.

Which bird gives milk?

Pigeons, Flamingos and Emperor Penguin.

What animal has 800 stomachs?

Etruscan shrew
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Eulipotyphla
Family: Soricidae


Can a platypus kill a human?

The Duck-Billed Platypus These cuties found here have venom that can be lethal, but there are no recorded cases of them killing humans. Duck-billed platypus have venom glands connected to a spur on each of their hind legs. In captivity, where a platypus can ‘t escape attacks as easily, this can be deadly.

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How do platypus eat without a stomach?

A platypus doesn’t really have a stomach. Instead of a separate pouch where food collects, the platypus ‘ esophagus is directly connected to its intestine.

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